10 Reasons To Sell Your Home In The Fall

When’s the best time to sell your home? Autumn, of course! Check out these other fall-related reasons you might want to sell your home now. Learn more about selling a home in the fall.

The leaves are turning colors and making for a beautiful sight while they dance on the ground outside your window at night. The fresh air fills up your lungs as you walk through the park that is slowly being covered with snowflakes.

It’s time to sell your home.

“Sell in the fall, buy in the spring.” It’s an old saying that holds true. Here are some reasons why now is the best time to sell your home.

The Season Is Right for Selling Your Home

The fall is a great time of year to clean up your yard and make your house shine from the curb. It’s also a good time to pack up, leave and move into a new home.

“Buy in the spring; sell in the fall” is an old saying that has been true for many years because of its accuracy. Selling a home in the fall is a smart move. It’s time to sell and buy your next home.


Spring is for Moving In, Fall Is for Swapping Houses

People move into their new homes in the spring, but that’s not a good time to sell your home. To sell your house now, you need to be moving out by fall when it’s time to buy a new home. And that means you have two choices: wait until spring or sell in fall.


The Houses Are Selling Faster

There’s a good chance your house will sell faster in the fall. Some sellers are motivated by tax reasons to sell their homes. A monthly income tax filing is only due once a year, usually in June. When you sell in the fall, you save on moving costs and avoid having your house sit idle during spring when it’s not time to move. You also save on heating bills.
10 Reasons to sell your house


Fresher Paint and a Cleaner Yard

The house next door looks great. It must have been painted recently. You walk up to the house, only to discover that it has been vacant for a year while the owner was living in another state.

You wonder, “Why did this person sell so quickly?” The answer is that they probably didn’t want to deal with a winter break lease or might not have wanted to go through another winter with no insulation and cold drafts. They just wanted out of their old place.

The house across the street is just as nice. You might even want to buy it while your house is for sale.


The Seller’s Market

In the fall, you’ll be able to sell your home for a good price if you’re motivated by money and don’t mind moving out of your home quickly. Your house will look like new, too, because it will just need to have some minor repairs from time to time.

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Sell With Less Moving Stress

Move-in buyers usually want to buy the house sight unseen. It can be difficult to say “yes” if you’re a little hesitant about that offer in spring. But if you sell your house in fall, you’ll have less moving stress and a better chance of finding the right buyer for your property. Most buyers want to move into their new homes as quickly as possible so they can take advantage of the good weather and save on heating costs during winter.


Get Your Home Ready for the Winter

Spring is the best time to fix up your home and prepare it for winter. Spring is also when you get the chance to do repairs without worrying about your house sitting empty. You might be able to avoid a costly winter break lease if you sell in fall instead of spring or have a shorter one if you sell now, too.


Winter Break Leases Are Expensive

If you’re renting, your lease will end just before your house goes on the market. That can mean a costly winter break lease if you don’t sell your home now. If you don’t want to do a winter break lease, you might have to move out and move back in again when your house does sell. Your moving costs will be much higher and also harder to predict because of all the variables involved.


You’ll Have Less Stress

The fall can give you a fresh start and allow you to spend more time at home during the holidays. It’s more relaxing to spend time with friends and family instead of working all day, every day at your job. And a break from work is always welcomed, especially if it allows you to spend more time with family and friends.


You’ll Have More Time to Move

In spring, you have less time to find a new home. You’ll want to do your shopping now, which is harder with all the extra things you’re trying to fit into your schedule. But if you’re ready in fall, you can start looking as soon as the buyers are ready and can have your move completed before winter leaves its first snowfall.


Saying that encompasses a lot of truth

You’ll be able to enjoy the cooler weather, and you might even be able to get a better price than during the summer. If selling your home is something that you’ve been considering, now is the best time to do it – especially if you are concerned about selling your home for top dollar.

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