Abandoned Homes For Sale

Abandoned homes for sale is a niche market that has been a booming business in recent years with construction companies, realtors, and investors purchasing these abandoned homes. When they renovate and renovate the home they sell it on the market at higher prices than what it had been listed before its abandonment. More than 1 million properties are sitting on the market right now according to RealtyTrac, which gives people an opportunity to purchase them at a significant discount or just start flipping them.

The average sale price for abandoned homes is $2,654 compared with $257 for uninhabited single-family occupied homes according to Trulia data. The data also states that the monthly rental investment yield is 24.8% compared to 11.1% for vacant homes. The housing market has been tough due to the economic downturn, which allowed investors to invest in abandoned homes. The investor purchases the home at a discount price and fixes it up, adding more value before putting it back on the market.

abandoned homes for sale

Some investors are purchasing properties around town to rent out or fix up and sell them for a profit located in areas that are starting to turn around like Detroit, Michigan; St Louis Missouri, Cleveland Ohio; Decatur Illinois; New Orleans Louisiana; and Milwaukee Wisconsin. Investors purchase abandoned homes in these towns at a discount price because they are less desirable than other locations like city centers. Investing in property is a way to make money and the housing market has been lacking for investors.

Investors purchase homes that don’t have any value such as homes that are abandoned and damaged by fire, water, or mold. They purchase these houses at an affordable price and fix them up before putting them on the market.

The last step for investors is to flip the house on the market to increase their investment profits. The current market condition and factors affect how much money they can get from selling the property. A block of properties with a foreclosure rate of 250 or more per square mile will raise the average price of this type of neighborhood, according to Trulia data cited by Bloomberg News. A foreclosure rate of 250 or more per square mile means that there are 250 abandoned homes per square mile of the total number of homes. On average there are two to three abandoned homes per block, which is why investors are purchasing these properties to purchase and fix up.

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Some investors purchase abandoned homes with plans to keep them for themselves or turn them into rental properties. Investors can purchase a cheaper property if it’s not located in a desirable area because the property taxes are lower on it.

Different factors determine how much an investor can sell their house for on the market. The costs of the renovation and the cost of the land and its value were part of this equation. The condition of the home and location will also affect how much it will sell on the market.

The business model for buying abandoned homes has made it possible for people to become homeowners once again after they can afford to buy them back due to their low market price.

Abandoned houses offer many opportunities for investors who want to buy them and sell them again when the time is right in order to profit in this economy. The housing market has been hard in the past few years and the last thing anyone wants to do is purchase a house that will be abandoned after they make renovations and demolish it. The rental-income opportunity along with the possibility of re-selling for a profit makes these properties profitable. Investors can purchase these homes at a discount price and fix them up before reselling them for a profit because of depressed home prices.

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