Home Owners Selling Houses In Florida for Cash

This is how actually home owners selling houses in Florida for cash:

Before you think about selling your home in Florida, here is a list of pros and cons to think about.


– Control the sale process by being able to set the terms, price, etc.
– Online tools available to everyone from minor fixes to full renovations. – You can save as much money on closing costs as possible by doing it yourself. – If you close your eyes and imagine what your life will be like before you sell it, it will probably still be just that way afterwards (in case you have second thoughts).


– If you find the right buyer for your house (some people might have unrealistic expectations), they won’t be happy about you letting them in to your house. – You might get a lower price than you think. – You might get more money than your house is worth. – If the market suffers, then you may lose more than you started with. Other information which may be helpful to anyone who sells a home by owner in Florida.
Home Owners Selling Houses In Florida for Cash

There are several good reasons to hold on to your home when it comes time to sell it, but, if necessary, sell it yourself by owner.

If you think home owners selling houses in Florida for cash it’s easy and you can di it on your own – you might want to think twice.
The biggest reason for not doing it yourself is the cost of hiring a real estate agent to sell your house.
Astonishingly, in Florida, they charge even if you don’t use them.  This means they are making their money regardless of what happens.  They are also charging their usual commission if the place sells above or below the list price.  This means that even if you are able to find a buyer at a price that does not make them many dollars, they still make money.
As an example, let’s say there is a $200 listing fee and no commission for selling above or below list price shown on your sign or in other ways (or just whatever you want to tell yourself).  The listing price is $230,000.  So if the house sells for $170,000, the agent makes nothing.  If it sells for $230,000, they make a profit of over 40%.
In fact, the only reason that you don’t want to have them sell your house is because they are making too much money.  Most agents will not even give you a good rate if you are paying them out of pocket (no commission), and you can expect that they will ask you for some money up front before they let anybody see your property.

Need some more information?

Before you decide to do things yourself though there are some things to think about:

1. You cannot sell a house by owner in Florida. At least, you can’t do it and be able to call yourself a “real estate agent.” So you won’t make a profit, and if you are planning to buy something in the future, the real estate agent will take a big cut. If you want to let an agency show your house, that is fine, but they will get all of their money from the buyer (whom they will not make any money because they are also acting as your agent), not from the seller.

2. It is probably illegal to enter into a “split contract” in Florida where you agree to pay something as a seller other than the commission. You can live in a state that allows this if you like, but it may not be legal to enter into it in Florida.

3. If you want to get the full price of your house, I highly suggest that you find out what the going rate is for listing a house and then hiring an agent from another company that will represent you, and not sell real estate under their license.

4. If you are already in a contract, then you must have a “willing buyer” and “willing seller” at the exact same time or else your contract will be void. When you agree to pay the agent $20,000 for selling your home, the company who owns the money that he/she is going to collect from your house sale also has an interest in it being sold even if they do not act as your agent.

Therefore, there must be a willing buyer and seller or else the entire contract is void (and this is why there are so many cancelled real estate contracts for houses).

Why Selling Your House For Cash is Important

1. The seller gets the contract in an exact form the first time. This is a big benefit that saves the seller a lot of time, effort and expense.

2. You can change your mind at any point without losing your deposit or having to pay any of your deposit back. A buyer cannot rescind this contract because the contract was written exactly as you wrote it here (and he needs to do so by law to get his money back ).

3. You have a much better chance of selling this house for $100,000 more than if you used an agent who does not understand how real estate works and will therefore attempt to push you into things that will cost you more money and reduce your price.

4. You can collect your deposit money as soon as the contract is signed and you can put it in a special account to save it for taxes and other expenses associated with selling your house.

5. You do not have to worry about an agent getting $20,000 if he/she manages to find a buyer for your home or not because you are also acting as the seller’s agent.

6. The seller has a big advantage here in that there is no risk of having to pay the agent money if they cannot find a buyer for it.

7. You will get at least as much as the agent would have charged you if you use them, but you have much better odds of getting $100,000 more than you would from a full-commission real estate agent. You can also negotiate with them to get this amount or any amount that is fair to both parties, or just take their standard fee and let them keep the profit if they sell it for more than they usually make.

8. You do not have to pay any commission if the agent cannot sell it for more than they usually make. If they cannot sell a house, you will not have any real estate company taking money from your pocket to sell it for them.
The agent will try to find a buyer for your house. If the agent fails to find one, you get your money back before he/she does.

9. You keep all of your deposit of course because the contract was written exactly as you wanted it written and you can put your money in an account and use it or just lose it.

10. If you need to get out of the contract, you can do so at any time and they cannot ask for their money back. This means that if you find out that you cannot sell this house, or if it does not sell for as much as you want to spend on it within a few months or a year, then the only person who loses money is the agent.

11. You are not obliged to buy anything in the future from them because they are not your agent. You can deal directly with the seller or any other real estate agent who comes along without letting the real estate company get a cut of your deal.

12. The buyer does not have to pay any commission if he/she cannot do a full-commission sale and finds no one who is willing to pay more than the going rate for this type of property. If he/she cannot get a full-commission sale, then they can keep your money and buy another house with it.

13. You do not have to pay any commission if the buyer cannot find someone willing to pay more than the going rate for this type of property. If you cannot sell this house in a few months or a year, then the only person who loses money is the agent.

14. The agent will sell your house and not charge a fee for doing it or just take their standard cut of any profit made by way of sale.

15. The agent will not charge you a fee if he/she does not sell your house and they will not have an interest in the house itself.
The agreement can be as informal and simple as the following…
“We agree that Joe Barns is our agent to sell our house for the price of $120,000. He can spend as much time on this project as he wants, but if he cannot find a buyer for it within six months, then either of us can cancel this contract without any further payment obligation by either party.”

This contract is valid and enforceable since it was written exactly how you wanted to write it (and meets all legal regulations). You can also charge an additional percentage of the sale price as a finder’s fee if you wish. The best part about this deal is that you will have no worries about all of the things that could go wrong in any transaction. You will not have to sit at your computer, answer the phone or anything else for hours at a time every day trying to sell this house.

You can also write a contract that says that they get a percentage of anything over $120,000 and adjust it for inflation (or deflation).

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