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Are you ready for a fresh start in a new home? Sometimes life can take an unexpected turn, and you need a change. You may have landed your dream job, be moving closer to family, or expanding your family. But unfortunately, everything happens quickly, and one of the significant challenges you may face is selling your house fast!

In 2018, statistics showed that a house’s average time on the market is approximately 68 days, and we know that is an eternity for you. Do you have that time to wait for a buyer to show up?

Let’s help you get your house off the market fast! Here’s what you need to know when selling your home in Miami, Florida.

  1. Clean The Whole House!
    Yes, you read that right! Make sure your house is squeaky clean. Clean it like you would a crime scene. Touch every corner from ceiling to floor before opening your home to potential buyers. When a buyer gets into an untidy house, they will become curious about how well you have taken care of the house’s structure. Nobody wants to give out money for a home with structural problems. Even if the house’s structural appearance looks good, a dirty home doesn’t give a good first impression. If you are unwilling to grease up your elbows or do not have the time to get your house sparkly clean, you can hire professional cleaners to handle this task. A dirty and poorly maintained home won’t sell fast.

  2. Make It Picture Perfect And Take The Perfect Pictures
    Don’t underestimate what proper staging can do. High-quality pictures of your house will help get it off the market faster. The house has to be Instagram-worthy because a picture says 1000 words.

    Buyers look at photographs of a house before making any inquiries. Bad pictures don’t do your home justice; buyers will waltz over it to the next ad. Instead, take stunning photos of your home from all angles. If you can, hire a professional home photographer. It is a good investment that will help you sell your home faster.

  3. Illuminate Your House
    Turn on the lamps, open the curtains and let in as much natural light as possible. If you have skylight features in your home, show them off. If some rooms don’t have as much natural light, get bright bulbs to illuminate them. A dark room may have buyers wondering what you have to hide.

  4. Add A Curb Appeal
    It only takes buyers a few seconds to pass judgment on your house, so a good first impression is essential. Curb appeal can increase the value of your home and make it inviting to buyers. Once they drive up, they can already imagine whether they can have a life in the house or not.

    Before deciding against investing in your house’s curb appeal, ask yourself, “If I was the buyer, would I be interested in looking inside?”. Next, look around your yard; does the lawn need trimming? Do you need to add flowers to give some character to the front porch? Finally, consider making critical renovations to the garage and any other outdoor space to uplift your home’s outward appearance.

  5. Add Significant Upgrades
    When making upgrades, you need to apply a ton of wisdom. It will help if you avoid splurging on unnecessary things. A few adjustments here and there can increase your home’s value and make it sell faster. Little touches in the master bedroom and the kitchen can be a game changer. It can be as simple as swapping out the countertops or throwing a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets.

  6. Keep Your Pets And Family Photos Away
    We know you love your pets, but keep them out of the house when a buyer comes around. Some buyers can be allergic and afraid of pets.

    Other things to keep out of sight are family photos and antiques. These may stop the buyer from seeing themselves living in the house. It would be best if you also took out pieces of furniture that make the room feel cramped and stuffy.

  7. Be Flexible
    When selling a property in Miami, you must be flexible to accommodate the buyer’s schedule. This may be uncomfortable for you and your family but consider it a step closer to selling your house faster. If a buyer shows up for a quick visit, round up the things you may have lying around, throw them in a closet, and put on your best smile. If they are free only at 9 am, make sure you fit into the program. Remember, the customer is king!

  8. Harness The Power Of  Social Media
    You can’t leave marketing entirely in the hands of a real estate agent. Not when you have a smartphone and social media. Carry out some self-promotion by asking friends and family to share pictures and posts of your house on their social media walls. Make posts about the weather, the surrounding neighborhoods, and any unique amenities the area has. Take a gorgeous sunset picture with your house in the shot and share it on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms where you can find potential buyers. There’s no telling how far it could go.

  9. Set the right price
    You wouldn’t want to price your house too low because that would mean you’d lose out on money. But you also wouldn’t want to price it too high because you may scare potential buyers away. We know this is a big decision, and you want the most out of your sale. However, don’t get carried away. When setting the price, conduct a survey and consider how much similar homes are going for. If the prices of similar houses in your area are significantly lower than yours, reconsider your selling price.

Bottom line

Keeping your house clean, illuminated, and updated are steps in the right direction if you want to sell your home fast. It is always a good idea to get help from a professional real estate agent to walk you through the hurdles of the real estate market. All that’s left is to follow the guides we’ve listed in this post and find a reputable realtor to help you close this chapter of your life at the speed of light! 

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